Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shinto shrine in Marilia 1957

Shinto shrine built on Rua 24 de Dezembro, 1.587 was inaugurated in August 1957. 

procession passing through Marilia's downtown streets heading to the top of the hill...
Shinto procession marching through Rua São Luiz heading West...

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jogos Abertos do Interior em Campinas 1944

At Campinas' Bosque (park) during the Hinterland Open Games of 1944 (Jogos Abertos do Interior): Valdeir Hauhers, Tereza Pereira, Luzia Pereira, Cidoca, Maria Nilce, Irene e Guerda Gronemman & Dermanio Silva.
Fausto Alonso, treinador do Yara, Amelia Paiva, Irene; ajoelhadas: Maria Nilce e Beatriz Gheini. 
Amelia Paiva & Maria Nilce & Amelia's niece Solange Maria Paiva in 1946. 
Sylvio Bertonha at home. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Japanese heritage in Marilia

Ivan Ivangelista Jr. went to a flea marked in Marilia and found 2 wooden-boxes made in Japan that sailed for Brazil in the famous Santos-Maru. He also found 6 photograph albums filled with pictures belonging to the Sugayama family, mostly taken during the 1940s.
Yuriko Takagi, Princess Mikasa is honoured by the Japanese community in the region of Marilia - 1958.

two wooden boxes that contained a lot of memorabilia from Japan and photos of Japanese immigrants who moved to the Marilia area in the 1930s.

Yuriko Takagi, Princess Mikasa is welcome at Marilia Airport by Marilia's high-society ladies; first lady on the left is Regina Eppinghaus Barbalho; Georgina Barreto (married to Barretinho - on the extreme right; the Japanese lady on the left flanking the ladey with the gladiolas is Mrs Nakamura married to the chemist on Rua Sao Luiz.
Afternoon tea at Cida Moretti's house on Rua Nelson Spielmann, just behind Saint Beneditct's. Regina Eppinghaus Barbalho plays the piano in the background.
Regina Eppinghaus stops playing the piano and joins the conversation. 
Princess Misaka in civilian clothes with Hamilton Costa & wife Cida Moretti holding their boy; Hamilton had a butcher shop at the Municipal Market on rua XV de Novembro. They lived in a house on Rua Nelson Spielmann, behind Saint Benedict's.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rua 9 de Julho

Rua 9 de Julho looking up to Avenida Sampaio Vidal in the early 1950s. 
same stretch of road in the late 1930s.
Rua 9 de Julho when it was still called Rua Tamandaré.
corner of Avenida Sampaio Vidal with Rua Tamandaré which had a name change circa 1934 to Rua 9 de Julho. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Marilia as seen by Klaus Jürgen E.K.Mahrenholz, photographer

Sao Paulo photographer Klaus Jürgen E.K. Mahrenholz visited Marilia circa 1955 and took a lot of shots of the young city. Now, Klaus has got a page on Facebook where he posts most of his stuff. Unfortunately, most of his material has deteriorated but some of them photos are still fairly good. 

São Bento's snapshot has deteriorated badly, but one can still see how it looked like in 1955.
Rua 9 de Julho looking up to Avenida; Avenida looking East are pretty bad. 

Botucatu in 1955

Botucatu's Episcopal Palace. Marilia's diocese was under their authority.
from left to right: City's Orphanage; Sant'Anna's Church - Instituto Cardoso de Almeida. 
Cine Teatro Casino in Botucatu.
Rua Armando de Barros, Botucatu, 1955.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baile do Algodão - 15 November 1952.

Marilia's high-society decided to throw a big party on 15 November 1952, after the farmers of the region had a bumper cotton crop. They called it the Cotton Ball and it was organized by the local Commercial Association to collect funds in favour of the Professional School for Women.

The President of the Brazilian Labour Party (PTB), Mr. João Goulart patronized the event throught the presence of Carmelia Alves, Francisco Carlos and Marion, from the cast of Radio Nacional from Rio de Janeiro and the dancer Celia de Souza Franco

Miss Shirley de Barros Baptista won the Cotton Queen Competition and Miss Yoshiko Senga was the runner up. Among those who worked hard for the event are the board of directors of the School for Women plus Mrs Ophelia Ribeiro, her husband Dr. Simão de Andrade Ribeiro and Neusa de Carvalho, who works as a teacher at the School. 

at Marilia airport as a VASP flight arrives from Sao Paulo or most likely Rio de Janeiro; from left to right: Ignez Montolar, non-identified lady in the background, Carmelia Alves, known as 'Queen of Baiao', Ophelia Paquete Ribeiro, Radio Club de Marília's Octavio Lignelli in the background and Marion: in the background a VASP's DC-3 plane.

Dr. Simão de Andrade Ribeiro & wife Ophelia Paquete Ribeiro with guests at their home in Marilia.
Dr. Simão de Andrade Ribeiro in his rural property.