Sunday, April 22, 2012

Marilia downtown

Avenida in the 1940s seen from above...
Filling station (where later Edificio Marilia would rise) on the corner of Avenida & rua 9 de Julho.
same corner now with Edificio Marilia being under construction. Look at the Predilecta lottery store at two sites...
a 1930s aerial view showing Avenida Sampaio Vidal in the fore-ground... the first street is rua Minas Gerais (later changed its name to Rua 9 de Julho)... Avenida joins up the train-line near Rua Paraná and goes on Westward.
Edificio Marilia still under contruction.
Avenida on broad day-light in the 1950s... the tall 9-story building is Edificio Marilia on the right.
same Avenue... with Cine Marilia on the fore-front with rua Campos Salles on the right.
exactly same spot on a political rally for presidential hopeful Jânio Quadros, who won the 1960s national election.
Avenida a little further down towards rua Coronel Galdino de Almeida that starts near the Esso placard.
a little closer to Edificio Ouro Verde on Avenida near rua Cel. Galdino.
Same place from the opposite angle; earlier in the 50s; the structure on the far end is Edificio Marilia being built.
Same place, same angle, now a few months later when Edificio Marilia was already completed.
same stretch from a different angle... late 1950s.
Ailiram parading their trucks and vans on the Avenida... late 1950s.
feira-livre or street market on Avenida circa 1960.
Avenida looking west; rua Campos Salles at the fore-front; Correios building & rua Paraná turning right.
probably a National holiday like 7 de Setembro circa 1950.
same avenue, same date, different vehicle...
vista olhando-se em direção Oeste, destacando o Edificio Marília com seu Restaurante no topo.
some male-bonding on the main square - jardim da catedral de São Bento circa 1950.

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