Friday, April 14, 2017

Japanese heritage in Marilia

Ivan Ivangelista Jr. went to a flea marked in Marilia and found 2 wooden-boxes made in Japan that sailed for Brazil in the famous Santos-Maru. He also found 6 photograph albums filled with pictures belonging to the Sugayama family, mostly taken during the 1940s.
 is honoured by the Japanese community in the region of Marilia - 1958.

two wooden boxes that contained a lot of memorabilia from Japan and photos of Japanese immigrants who moved to the Marilia area in the 1930s.

is welcome at Marilia Airport by Marilia's high-society ladies; first lady on the left is Regina Eppinghaus Barbalho; Georgina Barreto (married to Barretinho - on the extreme right; the Japanese lady on the left flanking the ladey with the gladiolas is Mrs Nakamura married to the chemist on Rua Sao Luiz.
Afternoon tea at Cida Moretti's house on Rua Nelson Spielmann, just behind Saint Beneditct's. Regina Eppinghaus Barbalho plays the piano in the background.
Regina Eppinghaus stops playing the piano and joins the conversation. 
 in civilian clothes with Hamilton Costa & wife Cida Moretti holding their boy; Hamilton had a butcher shop at the Municipal Market on rua XV de Novembro. They lived in a house on Rua Nelson Spielmann, behind Saint Benedict's.

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